We are a company that strives for excellency in every project we do and customer satisfaction is often the result

Our services

We are well grounded in local construction, trade and commercial solutions and we act as an integrator of trade, technology and business support between emerging companies and foreign companies needing grounding in the local market.
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We build residential buildings, warehouses, institutional and commercial buildings, office blocks, steel structures and modern markets. We also construct roads, driveways and parking areas.

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We procure and supply industrial safety equipment, electrical and mechanical spares, laboratory and chemical materials, office equipment, hospital equipment, electrical and general hardware.

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We provide transportation of goods and equipment to and from the destination of your choice. If you can name it, we can transport it directly to the location of your choice. Engage us for your transportation needs.

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Mechanicle works

We provide rubber lining works, HDPE pipe welding, installation of stainless steel pipes, plastic pipes, galvanized pipes, seamless pipes and spiral pipes. We also install, repair and supply slurry pulps.

Who we are?

We are mainly a constructions company and we provide superior engineering and design solutions coupled with unparalleled customer service. We pride ourselves in providing consistent and quality work on time and within budget!
We put our customers in front of everything we do.

We specialize in the construction of new structures and rehabilitation of existing ones. We also offer complimentary services which include transportation, procurement and mechanical works. We have the necessary machinery, resources and skilled manpower which is ready for any contractual engagement. We consider our business relationships with our customers very unique, whether it be a one-off supply contract, transportation, a phased project management assignment or a continuous technical support undertaking. We have one of the most dynamic and innovative core team that brings in a wealthy of skills, experience and professionalism.

  • To become a one-stop “shop” for all construction, trade and commerce solutions in Zambia’s emerging markets.

  • To provide superior engineering and design solutions with excellent customer service.

  • To attain a strong client base that will help in keeping our overhead costs to a minimum by developing and marketing quality products for our clients


Meet our most dynamic and innovative core team that brings in a wealthy of skills, experience and professionalism.

Gerald Phiri

Constructions Engineer
Gerald has over 10 years experience in the constructions industry and holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree

Dickson Lumbala

Dickson holds a Certificate in Metal Fabrication and has over 5 years of experience.

Francis kapapilo

Site Foreman
With over 12 years of experience in bricklaying and plastering, Francis has been very instrumental to Chrizet’s building projects. He holds a Craft Certificate in Bricklaying & plastering.

Chrispin Chiila

Chief Executive Officer
Chrispin is the brains of the company. He has worked so hard building Chrizet Enterprises to what it is now and has over 15 years experience.

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Our wealth of time-learnt knowledge of the construction process will serve as a professional advisory to your admired needs.

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